Hello. My name is Stefan. My last name is not important, but my story it is. I have a incredible story to tell, which is being hushed up by scientists and goverments all over the world.


Darwin's theory of the evolution of species has been disproved. But everyone is covering it up. I kept some photographs of this event, and now I am telling the world. An American friend is helping me post this story to the internet. It is the only way I could think of to get these amazing facts out before it is too late. I don't know how long I can keep this web cite up. I use my own words so it is my story. Sorry about not perfect english.


It begin when I became visiting grad student to America, from where I was studying at University of Heidelberg. I came to work with my paleontology professor, Dr. Heinschvagel, who is a expert of dinosaur studies. We came to New Mexico in the South West, and worked in the Morrison Formation, over 140 million years old. Every day we would leave the student quarters in Albuquerque, and travel about 70 km north west to the cite.


It was hardly winter there at all. They said this year was dry. And so we worked early in the year, and in late February of 1999, we made a discovery that shakes the world.


We found a fossil of a hominid, being eaten by an allosaurus dinosaur. Look at the picture.



Of course, it is the impossible in Darwin's theory for hominids to have been lived 140 million years ago. In the 70s, there was talk of a human fossil called "Moab Man" found in dinosaur deposits, also Morrison formation, near Moab of Utah. But this case was controversial because some claimed the human skeleton fell into a crevise in the dinosaur layers. No one can tell, because the remains were taken away, and never tested. And that is what is happening again this time! All the evidence of this incredible find has been taken away. Except for a few photo's which I managed to keep. They had me taking some photographs at the dig, and my camera had a half-shoot roll of film, so I got about 8 shots taken before when I had to change the film. Then, I shoot two more rolls. After that, one of the guards came and made me give him all of the film. He said it would be very bad if I did not coo-perate, that I could be returned to Germany, and I was pretty scared. I gave him the 2 full rolls I shot, and I was so scared and worried that I forgot about the roll that had the 8 shots. When we returned to Albuquerque, I remembered, and hid the films till I returned home. Now my friend has been putting them on the internet so everyone can learn what has happenned, and how they are covering it all up.


The professor said this is not like the Moab man. He said there was no evidence that showed Moab Man was true. But he said our bones of the hominid and the dinosaur were together, in hard sandstone, and that they had to become the fossils at the same time, 140 million years ago, in the Upper Jurassic. The dinosaur is apparently trying to eat the cave-man, and then both became killed in some event. Perhaps the allosaurus choked on his food. We were not able to find the foot bones of the hominid, and the Americans started calling it "Onyate Man" after some local politician. They thought it was funny but I didn't see how. The professor said "Onyate Man" was almost like Homo Erectus, but different in a few features.


This picture shows one of the guards, one of the other students, and Professor Heinschvagel, working on final cleaning before the casting. The guard was named Billy, he said he was in the Marines before this. He kidded around some with the students, but he got real mean when he needed something, like my photos. The girl in the photo was called Pilar Pendeja, or something like that. She is from New Mexico, and she is only a grad student, but also, is a real expert of fossil preparation. I learned greatly working with her.



After the cast was made around the whole specimens, and lifted into the truck, it was driven off. They told us not to discuss it with anyone, and that no one would believe us, and that our geology careers would be ruined, but mostly that other scientists would rush to publish it first if word of this find was exposed. So it all had to be very secret, they said. But they are NEVER going to tell the story. It is all being covered up because the scientists think their going to lose their jobs if everyone learns evolution wasn't true after all. Only I can tell the story. I can not reveal my true name, but my wonderful American friend is helping me to reveal the Truth to the whole World. Thank you for reading this pages. I don't know how long I can keep this web cite open, so tell people you know to look soon before they make me take it down.


Here is a picture of the cite where the dig was. It is on rough land, but the trucks could make it up to the dig. It is 30 km or so from where was found the remains of Seismosaurus, who they said was the largest land animal ever. At first we worked with men from the "BLM" , but when we found the hominid, some other men from the State started coming out instead of the BLM workers. That's when Billy started coming too.



This is one of the goverment trucks. I can not find the New Mexico State Resources Paleo Division, or Paul Hochs director, in any phonebook or internet search, and the phone number they gave us is now disconnected. These were the men who didn't come until we learned what the allosaurus was eating. They didn't talk to anyone very much, except quietly to the professor. And to their little black phones.



Here it shows a close-up of the hominids head. Everyone said the teeth were almost human. No one knows what happened to the top of the skull, but the rest was in perfect conditions.



Here is Billy the guard on lookout before the final casting, while others was going to get the plaster and cloths. I took many more pictures of the fossils, and the final digging and plastering, but they took those away. Counting the guards, the government men, the students, and the professor, there were 12 people that know about what was found. I have left the university for a temporary time, until something happens about this.



I want the story to come out. It is the only way I can feel safe that that I have come this far. If you are a serious scientist or researcher, I maybe can have sent you prints of some of the actual photos. (I have negatives.) But I can not have them sent to everyone, only to real serious science researchers or news people. This story must be heard! This is the only fleck of evidence we have. Show me you are a serious researcher, by having published articles at a real web cite such like the Albuquerque Journal, with your e-mail address posted on the same web cite.


*** send e-mail asking for photographs, how I can ensure you are serious researcher, and your address and telephone number, to: alcazarusATyahoo.com (Help fight SPAM! Please replace AT with @). This is safe address of a friend.****