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Graham Hancock is doing pseudoscience again, now with "Ancient Apocalypse"
by Dave Thomas

The ads for the upcoming (November 9th, 2022) NetFlix production of "Ancient Apocalypse" state
What if everything we know about prehistoric humans is wrong? Journalist Graham Hancock visits archeological sites around the world to uncover whether a civilization far more advanced than we ever believed possible existed thousands of years ago.

NMSR predicts that this production will be one of the biggest festering piles of pseudoscientific nonsense since 1996's "Mysterious Origins of Man" (NBC)

Graham Hancock was one of several people discussed in the execrable documentary, which I reviewed for Skeptical Briefs.

Here is an excerpt from that review:
Quality science was nowhere to be found during the Feb. 25th, 1996 NBC broadcast entitled The Mysterious Origins of Man. This show, hosted by Charlton Heston, was filled with some of the most aggressive anti-science propaganda seen since CBS’s Ancient Mysteries of the Bible was aired a few years ago. ... Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, cited similarities in the megalithic cultures of Mexico, South America, and Egypt, and then claimed that these prove the common influence of a third, unidentified culture. ... Hancock continued with a discussion of crustal displacement. Unlike continental drift, crustal displacement (developed by a Professor Hapgood) involves a radical motion of the Earth’s entire outer crust. Hancock and others put forth the idea that 12,500 years ago, Antarctica was not at the South Pole, but in a moderate latitude, and that Atlantis was located there. When too much ice built up on the poles of that era, the entire crust slid around, suddenly moving Atlantis/Antarctica to its present cold location. No evidence supporting this fantastic claim was presented, and no one bothered to mention that readily available data clearly refute this hypothesis. For example, most climatologists agree that the Antarctic ice shelf is a stable feature that has been around for 14 million years, and the Vostok ice core from Antarctica was carefully dated back to at least 150,000 years ago by a variety of independent methods. [Why this idea was refuted just a few minutes earlier in the same show, when we were told that 12,000 years ago, the Earth’s axis was tilted by just one half of a degree, not the 90 ° required for an Antarctic Atlantis.] Heston concluded the show by stating that it’s been said that man has made the climb from Stone Age to civilization more than once, and that our present time is just the latest in this cycle.

It appears the new NetFlix documentary will add to this sort of nonsense by bringing in discussions of the "Cosmic Tuskers", as well as the authors of a paper claiming that an ancient impact at Tall El Hammam explains the story of Sodom in the Bible. Luckily, impact expert Dr. Mark Boslough has been keeping track of these shenanigans, and will be critiquing the NetFlix show when it airs. Go to Boslough's site for the latest analyses of the depths of faux documentaries.

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