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NMSR Reports is the monthly newsletter of New Mexicans for Science and Reason. It has many features found nowhere else on this web site, including Cipher Puzzles, Sudoku, reports on NMSR meetings, and much more!

Newsletter subscriptions/NMSR Membership: $20/year (12 issues)
(The Newsletter has much more News and Comment than appears on this Web Site!)
Make check payable to NMSR, send to treasurer (Nancy Shelton), at
11617 Snowheights NE, Albuq., NM 87112
Please include your e-mail address if possible!

We are currently posting copies of the last three monthly newsletters as PDF files. Check out a few issues!

SEPTEMBER 2017 NMSR REPORTS ON-LINE - News, Puzzles, Meetings, Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyles and Health, MORE!


JULY 2017

Very First Edition of NMSR Newsletter, from 1990!

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