Zoom Chat for Tom Solomon's talk to NMSR, August 12th, 2020

Follow along on the video.

19:25:36	 From  Claudia : You are making the point that our state government revenues are 
highly dependent on O&G revenue.  How much of our states economy depends on O&G?

19:52:26	 From  Frances Elliott : I was researching divestment of my personal $$ and I stumbled on 
what's your opinion of this program?

19:53:54	 From  David Thomas : Do you think nuclear energy will have an increasing role globally? 
Here in NM?

19:54:19	 From  Randy : If transportation is just 28% of oil usage, how can EV have such 
a strong effect.  What other new technologies can have significant effects?

19:57:08	 From  Marilyn Savitt-Kring : Will planting zillions of trees make a difference as 
someone stated a while back?

19:57:35	 From  Claudia : Thank you Tom!  Have to sign off.  Be well.

19:58:22	 From  Marilyn Savitt-Kring : Will Breeder (sp?) reactors be a better type of nuclear energy?

20:01:26	 From  Gerry Alldredge : There are nuclear technologies that will not rely on more mining, 
except of used fuel -- e.g. Integrated Fast Reactors, which extract non-fertile elements onsite and 
recycle the remaining fertile actinides back into the IFR's fuel cycle; depleted uranium can be fed 
into the fuel cycle and will yield additional output energy.  GE-Hitachi's PRISM design as been 
vetted for years.  Proliferation is avoided!

20:01:30	 From  David Thomas : Beverly asks :will new mexico, pnm, ever start buying back 
solar power at the retail rate, such as done in Germany?  This would promote installation of 
solar panels on homes.

20:01:46	 From  Frances Elliott : sort of a vague question -- I have an impression that 
though economic forces will eventually get us to solar/renewables, it won't be in time to avert 
climate disaster without strong political will to abandon EXISTING fossil fuels infrastructure. 
Can we really do this without huge federal support? ('green new deal' or similar?) Do NM 
politicians believe they can initiate any of this without federal support? (maybe, what's the 
political climate in NM around this?) what's the actual, concrete steps of NM politicians 
'divesting' in oil? 

20:02:35	 From  Stephen Schmidt : I always wonder how many of those millions of trees that 
get planted actually survive to have a life that is significant enough to pull much carbon out of 
the air.  Seems like it is more greenwashing.

20:03:07	 From  Nancy's iPad : recycling plastic for building material?

20:04:57	 From  Randy : How is New Mexico doing in compensating people in NW NM, 
primarily Native Americans, for decommissioning the San Juan plant?

20:07:00	 From  Randy : What was website you mentioned for energy analysis?

20:08:49	 From  Mark Fraser (ippon) : Have you shown or plan to show this to any of our gov representatives?

20:09:24	 From  David Thomas : Here's the link to bills:

20:10:55	 From  Tom Solomon : to go solar, visit energysage.com

20:18:27	 From  Tom Solomon : climate solutions. Drawdown.org

20:18:37	 From  Frances Elliott : what was the study saying that our pinons in NM might be gone in 
10 yrs? would that not imply massive fires in the next 10 yrs? I thought it was more like the next 30 years 
from  a Los Alamos Study 
a few years back?

20:20:18	 From  Tom Solomon :