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by Anthony Wharton, St Helens, Merseyside, UK, 2009

Five years ago I spoke out and accused Michael Horn and Billy Meier of hoaxing their UFO evidence. I was challenged at the time to back up my claims. Over the last five years I have successfully met every photographic challenge I was set. At the beginning of my research, I also threw down the gauntlet and challenged the Meier camp to provide me with an extraterrestrial sample for independent scientific analysis to back up their own claims. To date, the entire Meier camp has failed to meet my one and only challenge I ever set them.

Billy Meier
Alleged UFO/Alien Contactee
Michael Horn
Meierís Authorised American Media Representative

I very recently spoke to Meier and Horn, and asked them why, in almost five years, they had failed to meet my challenge. Their response was that they had put forward enough UFO physical evidence, and to put forward any more would be pointless. They went on to speak about the metal alloy samples that they put forward in the 1970's, which were looked at by scientists at the time. In my response I pointed out that Meier had not put forward a single scrap of new photographic evidence in well over 25 years. Why not? I also reminded Meier and Horn that their metal alloy samples came back from the science laboratory with an official report. This report concluded that the samples were 100% terrestrial in origin, and could be very easily replicated by simply melting down some metal alloy and adding some glass, crystals and quartz. Basically, the samples were of no use what so ever to either the UFO or scientific communities.

Well it is now (April 2009) just over five years since I set Meier and Horn my challenge. Seeing as it was a nice sunny day on Saturday, I decided I would take the dog for a walk, along with my camera, and create a few new fake UFO photographs to mark the five year milestone of ultimate failure, and to once again demonstrate just how easy it is to replicate the effect of Meierís photos.

All Photographs Copyright Anthony Wharton 2009All Photographs Copyright Anthony Wharton 2009

As regards Billy Meier's and Michael Horn's ultimate failure to meet my challenge, the Billy Meier UFO case can now only ever be regarded as, at best, a work of fiction. Let's not forget that Meier and Horn still claim that Meier is in constant contact with the Plejarans to this very day, so this challenge should literally be a walk in the park for them. What Michael Horn and Billy Meier fail to realize is that, by failing to meet my challenge, it is actually they who have proved that the Billy Meier UFO case is fake.

Copyright 2009 by Anthony Wharton, St Helens, Merseyside, UK

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Some short video clips I created using miniature models I suspended on the end of a fishing rod. Having researched the billy meier ufo case for over four years,I personally believe the whole case is nothing more than a hoax done with miniatures,and models. 2008 Anthony Wharton, UK.

ALAS, Arch Bunker Michael Horn was not convinced.

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