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WHAZZAT?!?!? Weird Pics!

Guess what these pictures are, then tell us!

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What is this rock?

What do you think this is? A piece of granite? A meteorite? A message from an alien society? It weighs seven pounds.


Strange Light on the Mountain

Photograph courtesy of and copyright by Jack Fuller. Taken west of the Sangres, north of Santa Fe, ~ 1960.


Weird Triangular Cloud

Photographs courtesy of and copyright by Jasper Jackson. Taken in Four Hills area in Albuquerque, NM circa 1997.

Weird Flower

Pentagonal Symmetry? 
Miniature Imbedded Starfish?

What is it??


Mystery Rock

This rock was found in a planter at a restaurant in Albuquerque.

What Is It??


Readers' Suggestions


From an Airplane Window

Taken on approach to Albuquerque International Airport, NM, February 22nd, 2005
Copyright 2005 David E. Thomas


Hail of a Storm

A typical car in Socorro, NM, after the incredible hail storm of October 5th, 2004

See Also:


Sky Enigma

Image Copyright 2003 by Kirk A. Hall, Jr. of Puyallup, WA, used with permission.


Odd Corridor

Image Copyright 2003 by David E. Thomas of Peralta, NM.

Hint: The hallway runs due East-West.


USO: Unidentified Swimming Object


Image Copyright 2003 by Harriet Hall of Puyallup, WA, used with permission. Harriet writes " I photographed this Unidentified Swimming Object in the harbor in Crete in 1973. I've always wondered what it was. Any ideas? Any marine biologists in your group?"

Any takers?



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