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New Mexico's New Science Standards (Adopted Aug. 28, 2003)

Letter from Richard Reif to Marshall Berman regarding attempts of local "Intelligent Design" advocates to persuade teachers that the new standards allow teaching of "alternate theories of origin." (PDF). "In no way do the science standards support the teaching of notions of intelligent design or creation science or any of its variations."

Quote from State Board of Education member Flora Sanchez , made during the hearing on the adoption of the standards (August 28, 2003). As reported by Diana Heil of the Santa Fe New Mexican on August 29, 2003,"Board member Flora Sanchez put a stop to mixed messages, though. She clarified this point: The state is not asking teachers to present all the alternatives to evolution and 'put them on an equal footing.'..."
(This is on-line here, here, and even on the ARN site.)

UNDERSTANDING EVOLUTION - a New Website for Teachers

National Center for Science Education

The Pocket Darwin

Index to Creationist Claims

The National Academy of Science, "Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science"

The Talk.Origins Archive

Evolution vs. Creationism (Syracuse University)

Evolutionary Biology Resources

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

The Descent Of Man by Charles Darwin

The Truth about the "Santorum Amendment" Language on Evolution

Evidence Supporting Biological Evolution from the National Academy of Sciences

Darwiniana and Evolution

Reptile-to-Mammal Transitionary Fossils (University of Oregon)

Useful sites related to evolution and/or creationism

A molecular timescale of eukaryote evolution and the rise of complex multicellular life

The Panda's Thumb (Evo Blog)

State Science Groups

Alabama Citizens for Science Education

Colorado Citizens for Science

Georgia Citizens for Integrity in Science Education

Kansas Citizens for Science

Michigan Citizens for Science

Nebraska Religious Coalition for Science Education

(NM) Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education

New Mexicans for Science and Reason

Ohio Citizens for Science

Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education (OESE)

Great Education Needs Evolutionary Science (G.E.N.E.S.), Tennessee

Texas Citizens for Science

The Burlington-Edison Committee for Science Education (Washington State)

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