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Rules of the Debate between Dave Thomas and Walter Remine


"Comparisons of molecules (proteins, DNA) of various species provide independent and compelling support for the hypothesis of biological macro-evolution"



1. Each entry be limited to 1500 words of text with the references limited to no more than 300 words, as calculated by Microsoft Word 2000 Word Count.

2. No more than six weeks pass between postings. The clock would start when the posting is received, simultaneously, by the other participant and the moderators.

3. There be three cycles of submissions (three postings each.)

4. The debate will stick to the subject originally proposed, including alternative explanations of the data and comparisons of similar questions such as the explanation for so called "junk DNA."

5. The debate postings from both groups will be posted with identical content, including up to three JPEG images, on the websites of both the Twin Cities Creation Science Association ( and the New Mexicans for Science and Reason ( The webmasters of both sites are free to use formatting styles of their own choosing as long as they are easily readable and essentially identical for both the pro and the con sides of the argument, maintaining the authors' formatting such as italics, indentation, etc..

6. Each group will upload the website versions of both groups' essays on the same day, "Posting Day," to be negotiated in advance of the postings. When it's one group's turn to submit an essay, text and images of that group's essay will be sent to the webmaster of the other group no later than three (3) days before Posting Day. There will be six Posting Days altogether: Initial Submission (NMSR), followed six weeks later by First Followup (TCCSA), six weeks after that by NMSR's response, six weeks after that by TCCSA's response, six weeks after that by NMSR's response, and will end six weeks after that with TCCSA's final response.

7. Moderators: In the event of a dispute over violation of these conditions, Ross Olson and Edward Max will be co-moderators and will be responsible for arriving at a solution to which they both agree.


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