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Simple, Inexpensive Experiment Proves Earth is Round!

Flat Earthers like to say that "Water finds its own level." For a few dollars, anyone can get some equipment that Proves the earth is round. You'll have to take it up to the mountains for best effect.

Theory: Use a Spirit Level as shown, to find True Level.

Here's how the above would look like to a viewer on the Flat Earth:

But, here's how the above would look like to a viewer on the Round Earth:

You'll want Maths! Here they are. R is the radius of the Earth (3960 miles), h is the altitude of the viewpoint (also in miles), and d is the distance to the effective horizon on a Round Planet.

Here's this experiment actually works out at Sea Level. Sea Level is just a hair below True Level.

Here's this experiment actually works out in the Mountains. At an altitude of almost two miles above sea level, the horizon is OVER a DEGREE below True Level.

Is this yours? Let me know, I'll give you credit. This photo was my inspiration.

Think this is CGI? Get a plastic tube, go to the mountains, and see for yourself!

Flat Earth: 0           Globe: 3

As you can see, up in the mountains, the visible horizon is below True Level. Send in your pics, I will post them here!

Last Update: Nov. 28th, 2017

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