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NMSR's Hot News of the Month - Updated July 4th, 2014

Discovery Institute Launches Attack on Natural History Museum...

The Discovery Institute has published thousands of words in multiple articles toward the end of June 2014, with the common theme “Academic Freedom Alert: Ask State-Run New Mexico Science Museum Why It Used "Darwin Day" to Promote Atheism.” They are alleging that the museum conspired with NMSR to “promote atheism” back in February for “Darwin Days”, and then tried to cover it up. What really happened? It seems that one of the early NMSR flyers for “Darwin Days” incorrectly identified the museum as a “co-sponsor” of several talks on religion at the Feb.12 NMSR meeting. When asked to correct this flyer, NMSR promptly did so – before Darwin Days had occurred – and this is now being labeled as a “coverup.” The Institute has sent their urgent story to many New Mexico media outlets, but so far the only takers have been religious news services like World Magazine and Baptist Press.

The events the museum sponsored on the Feb. 9th event were all about science; the NMSR-sponsored talks on Feb. 12th were expressions of the speakers' free speech. Suggesting that celebrating Darwin's life is itself anti-religious is wrong; in fact, many religious leaders participate in such celebrations in New Mexico and all across the country (the Clergy Letter Project).

NMSR's September 2013 speaker, Michael Roberts, wrote the Discovery Institute to say “You are totally incorrect to say NMSR is atheistic. It has a mixed membership, Christians included. As a priest in the Church of England I was invited to speak to them last September on Christianity and evolution. I also gave lectures at NMT. I was given a fine welcome, stayed with members. Of course some members are atheist but not all. Please don't force atheist- Christian war by your misrepresentation.”

Paul Braterman has pointed out the ironic hypocrisy of the Discovery Institute: “Chutzpah for the DI to complain about this, when they hired a hall at Cornell and now refer to their mutual backscratching there as the 'Cornell Conference'; details at”

The Discovery Institute is calling for people to “Get in touch with Charles Walter, Executive Director of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, via e-mail at” That's not a bad idea - why not drop Walter a line, and indicate your support?


TNR – Emotional Pseudoscience?...

Alice Anderson writes in the July NMSR Reports that "TNR or trap-neuter-return is the practice of live-trapping free-roaming cats, surgically neutering them, in some programs vaccinating them against rabies, and releasing them, usually but not always near the capture site. TNR advocates say, "TNR is the only humane way to reduce and eventually eliminate feral cat colonies." TNR is legally practiced in Santa Fe, Bernalillo County and Albuquerque, Carlsbad, Dona Ana County, and elsewhere in New Mexico.
Arguments made by TNR advocates are filled with factual errors and logical fallacies. Here are a few of their logical fallacies,

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