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Is Thermite the Answer? What was the Question?

By Dave Thomas


Whatever Harrit and Jones thought they were measuring, it is clearly not thermite!

Here is the differential scanning calorimeter chart of from "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe" (Harrit/Jones et. al) : note how the peak of the "Active Thermitic Material" reaction is about 420 o Centigrade.
In contrast, here's the exact same type of measurement - with a differential scanning calorimeter - on real thermite. This is from the paper Kinetics of thermite reaction in Al-Fe2O3 system" by Run-Hua Fana, Hong-Liang Lü, Kang-Ning Sun, Wan-Xia Wang and Xin-Bing Yi: The peaks at 650 o C are from the aluminum melting (endothermic). The exothermic ("thermitic") reaction occurs at 850 o C to 950 o C, at least 400 o C higher than the supposed "thermite" measured by Harrit and Jones.

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