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By Dave Thomas


This page addresses claims made in the 2-hour AE911Truth DVD "Blueprint of Destruction," and the
August 21st Coast to Coast Debate. Check back for updates!

Updated September 11th, 2011

On the C2C debate, re "symmetrical destruction", Gage said we agreed, but I never said this! And, I barely got a chance to follow up, because that's when Gage hung up or was knocked off the air. The tower collapses were NOT symmetrical, as shown vividly at the bottom of this page: Weidlinger Associates Debris Maps And WTC 7 wasn't symmetrical, either.
We agreed that real thermite would create pools of molten iron. We disagree strongly on whether or not such pools of once molten metal were ever recovered at Ground Zero. I say they were not, and only anecdotal stories of their existence are offered. Debunking 911: molten steel found under ground zero. And Dave Peraza, the engineer in charge of all Ground Zero cleanup: "I never saw pools or lakes of molten, or previously molten, steel. Neither in the subgrade levels, nor as material that was loaded onto trucks by the grapplers and cranes."
We agree there were microspheres in the dust, but disagree completely about their significance. As I said, these were expected from the hot fires, and perhaps older welding traces, etc. The iron microspheres are not evidence of thermite. This is pointed out in letters between Frank Greening, PhD Chemist, and thermite advocate Steven Jones, posted on this page by a Truther who is very frustrated with Jones: Dr. Greening says of the microspheres that " main objection is that there appears to be a whole variety of microspheres with different chemical signatures. This suggests that most of the microspheres have a natural, chaotic, origin from many different source materials, all of which have simple explanations for their presence in the WTC remains."
Re FEMA documenting melted steel, they were examining steel that was chemically corroded by cooking in the pile for weeks. No evidence for thermite was found. NIST also examined such samples: in NCSTAR1-3C, p. 229-232, NIST notes that a column from no higher than the 53rd floor was eroded while remaining in a horizontal position, during its time in the pile. There are photos of the recovered column, and these show no evidence of attack by thermite or thermate.
Did Leslie Robertson, the structural engineer responsible for the design of the World Trade Center Towers, say that "As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running."?WTC Molten Steel The "Leslie Robertson" quote comes second-hand from James Williams, SEAU President, in an account of a Robertson presentation ( ). We emailed Roberston to find out if it was accurate, and his brief reply arrived quickly:
I've no recollection of having made any such statements...nor was I in a position to have the required knowledge.
Williams notes of the presentation only talk of 'molten metal', not steel. ... this quote doesn't appear to have much substance.
Where are the explosions? In Gage's "Blueprint for Truth The Architecture of Destruction" video, several explosive detonations are shown, but the sounds of the actual explosions have apparently been removed or muted. It seems Gage can't explain why there no sound recordings of "explosions" in the towers exist, so he simply removes these sounds from recordings of explosions he is using for comparison with the Towers. To check on this yourself, check out this slide from Gage's website, showing a demolition in Oslo, Norway. Then, check out these videos of the exact same demolition:
Big Hat Tip to ae911truth.INFO
The Blueprint of Destruction video makes much of Erik Swartz of the EPA, and studies of material from Ground Zero. What is usually said is that "One molecule, described by the EPA's Erik Swartz, was present at levels 'that dwarfed all others': 1,3-diphenylpropane. 'We've never observed it in any sampling we've ever done,' Swartz said. ..." What is left out is the rest of the story: " was most likely produced by the plastic of tens of thousands of burning computers."
Dutch expert on controlled demolitions, Danny Jowenko, believes that 7 World Trade was brought down with a controlled demolitionBut, he also believes that the Towers were NOT demolished, wasn't aware of the fire or damage, and eventually said he was "guessing".
Gage says in his video that the "pancakes" - densely crushed layer of floors - have never been found. Also, his front-page Point 8 on the Twin Towers is "1200-foot-dia. debris field: no 'pancaked' floors found" Ironically, Gage shows one of the "pancakes" right on his website. Here, it is called a "meteorite,", and supposedly shows molten steel. But, it's really several alternating layers of crushed cement and steel structures.
Is it really impossible for flame-engulfed steel-framed high rises to collapse? This article explains why the Towers were different from other buildings like the Mandarin Oriental, Beijing, China.


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